Welcome to Antoura!

Overlooking green pine-covered valleys on one side, and the mediterranean sea on the other,  Antoura lies in a beautiful mediterranean setting in the heart of Mount Lebanon, 21km north of Beirut.

With history dating back to the Stone Age, Antoura, which is Syriac for “mountain water spring”, is well known for its hospitality, strong faith, and unbiased strive for brotherhood and solidarity.

Antoura’s culture was passed down through the generations, and was formalized with the creation of Saint Joseph’s College in 1653, first school in the Middle East, and has more recently acquired higher education with the foundation of the Lebanese-Canadian University in the year 2000.

Today, this small historical village is home to around 3200 inhabitants but it’s also going ONLINE to connect with the rest of its diaspora in the Middle East and around the World!